Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Improved Design Wall

As you may remember, my quilt pictures almost always have weird humps and bumps, leading one to believe that I cannot make a "flat" quilt! Here is my old design wall. It was simply thumbtacked to the top of the wooden shelving. The bins behind it made it bumpy, and whenever I wanted something behind the design wall, the thumbtacks came out as I tried to hold it out of the way. Bummer!

I recently had new flooring laid and while everything was out of the room, I tried to figure out a better way to hang the design wall. Voila!!! A heavy-duty curtain rod!

Here you can see the supports and the rings with clips attached. For scale, this rod extends 108 inches and I have 14 ring/clips.

Now I can pull the curtain to the side to get what I need behind.

Or I can pull it all to the center! And my stuff stays on! An added benefit? I have a fairly good sized window in this room and the design wall acts as a sun barrier for my fabric! The rod is an allen + roth from Lowe's and was just under $50 with tax. Mine is pewter but they have at least two other finishes. The rings are from Walmart--around $5 for seven. Having a design wall that lays flat and doesn't fall down--priceless!

And look--it's a day time post--not the middle of the night! Oh, the quilt top shown was finished last night. All batiks in a Bricks & Blocks setting. Several of us combined our fabrics to have more variety.

More soon!



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  1. I love it!!!! beats mine which I have stapled to the wall...LOL


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