Monday, December 19, 2011

Wednesday Surprise Update

Just a quick note for tonight.  Remember last night I posted a picture of fabrics and said to imagine them with black and a deep gold?  Well, luckily I did the math on the gold before cutting.  And found, alas and alack, that I did not have enough and nothing in the stash to even come close.

So today, before class, I stopped at the LQS and looked for gold.  Curses, foiled again!  There was nothing close to what I had and nothing else looked good with the other fabrics (remember they were already cut!).  So on to plan...C...D...whatever.  

The gold has now been replaced by a lovely mottled medium/royal blue batik.  I think it will look even better than the gold and it looks quite good next to the black.  So tomorrow I will wash it and finish cutting and make my sample.  

And no, still no pics til Wednesday!  I'm quite excited about this!

Holiday hugs,

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