Monday, December 5, 2011

A Knitting Finish

You may remember the infamous start to this sweater (thanks again, Elaine!). Well, months later, it is finally finished. The neck, cuffs and bottom edge are knit on much smaller needles than the body/sleeves, so they are supposed to roll. I also find it interesting how the yarn made stripes--some wider than others, depending on how many stitches were on the needle at the time. I guess most people hope for stripes; I was sort of hoping for pooling. But this sweater is lusciously soft and hopefully will keep me warm!

A close-up. The sleeves are kind of like a pair of socks--similar but definitely not identical!

I had forgotten about Glee: The Christmas Album until my friend Jay reminded me. It's from last year and is still fabulous! So I have been playing that between bouts of the Boleyn girls. Can we say extremes?

More tomorrow!




  1. Sharon - your sweater is really pretty! I'm just starting to learn to knit so someday just maybe I will tackle a project like this. Where did you get your yarn? It is really pretty. Margaret

  2. Sharon - the sweater is beautiful... ! and yes, I do remember the start of it... ha ha ha. Back when I actually had time for "First Tuesday" : (

    Thanks for sharing. Miss ya!


  3. Nice job on the sweater! I love the color.


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