Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking Back

It hardly seems possible that another year has come and gone.  I'd like to take a minute to look back on 2011.

First, I'd like to thank all the students who have put their faith in me and my classes.  It's so amazing to see people's skills improve, but, even more, so wonderful to see friendships bloom.  When I sometimes wonder if I am making a difference in the world, I think of the many friendships that may never have started but for the classes in common.  

Thank you, too, for the many kind things you do for me throughout the year.  Sometimes it's a hug, a note, a comment on the blog, an unexpected gift--there are not enough words to express how these make me feel.  So, even if I don't always send a written thank-you, please know how grateful I am.

The best thing?  Seeing your smiling faces--whether in class or out.  I am truly blessed to be doing work I love with people who appreciate it.  And knowing there are people who miss me when I don't blog--even people I've never met--or haven't had that pleasure yet.

My 2012 wish for you is peace, prosperity, joy, love--amazement and wonder at all the beauty and goodness that surrounds us.  Let's choose happiness in our lives.

And our motto for 2012 and beyond?  Semper calcitat (Always quilting).

See you next year!

Yet more holiday hugs,

 P.S.  The picture above is of "Parcheesi", a mariner's compass block designed by Anita Shackelford and hand pieced by me.  There is no applique on any of my mariner's compass blocks (a bonus for those who are applique phobic--which I am definitely not!). 


  1. Thank you for being our quilting guru!

  2. This block looks a lot like the Muncy Compass:

    I love it in your colors.


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