Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Reveal

Ta Da!  The piles of fabric you saw a couple days ago, plus black and a royal/medium blue turned into this:

(The gray around the edges is my carpet!)  

Twenty different batik squares--10 for the center and 10 for the border.  I think this combination looks a lot like stained glass.

The pattern, you ask?  It's actually in a Creative Grids Snowball template package!  Theirs was done in black and white and red.  Really striking, and I did consider those colors, plus a few other combinations, before deciding on what you see.  I can see you shaking your head about why you would need a special template for snowball blocks.  Well, unless you particularly like making snowballs with one large and four small squares, drawing lines, etc., this is money well spent. can be made from a charm pack plus 1 yard of fabric for sashing, binding and backing!  This tablerunner cut fast and accurately and went together like a dream.  Add more blocks and you'd have a great quilt top.  Think different holidays or occasions--it's that easy!

Last night was our holiday party and Debbie, our hostess, gifted us each a ruler.  I cut the kits beforehand  and we did some serious sewing after our sit-down dinner, complete with candles and good china!  Which is why I couldn't reveal this until today!  So put this on your list for 2012--and plan for holiday gifts that can be done before Easter (if you buckle down now!).

Holiday hugs,

P.S.  Emily--you are so going to be the official candymaker to the President.  Plan on it-- I fully expect to be elected in November 2012.  There are no words to describe those peanut butter cups--and caramel--super yummy doesn't begin to cover it ;-)  


  1. Sharin this is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sharon, sorry the I is to close to the o on my iPad, I think someone intentionally set the preferences on this thing so if you type on it prior to your second cup of coffe in the morning it the keys are shrunken!!!

  3. Glad you enjoyed them....but it can't compare to how much I enjoy your classes....Merry Christmas!!


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