Friday, July 31, 2009

Day Thirty-One--The Last Day of July

Thirty-one (actually 32, but who's counting) straight days of blogging--and I'm not quite sure what to think. Even when I wasn't blogging every day, I always checked my blog list to see if anyone had posted that day. And some did every day, some not every day and some not very often. But now I notice that virtually no one whose blog I follow is posting every day! I never seem to be in synch on anything!

One thing I noticed about blogging every day is that I took time to really look at things to see if anything was blogworthy (blogworthiness is in the eye of the beholder, obviously) and that the month of July was probably the slowest month so far this year! All the other months seemed to go by in a blur--making me stare openmouthed at the last date I posted and wondering where all the time went. So maybe blogging every day (or at least more often) is a good way to slow life down. The most amazing thing of all is that so many people seem to enjoy these random thoughts and pictures. My thanks to you all for hanging in (or is that hanging ON?).

At the hand-pieced Drunkard's Path class today, that prolific Judy E. from Auburn brought in both of her hand pieced bliss tops as well as her son's wedding quilt. Okay, can you believe this? The wedding isn't for two more weeks and she has the quilt done and bound! Lacks just the label! She makes so many of us (me included) look like a slacker!

But, I digress! First up is her bliss quilt done in Christmas fabrics. It is so rich and warm looking. (Please remember that, as always, the pictures are my fault, not the quilter's!)

On her non-Christmas bliss, Judy had used a stripe--remember I showed you a portion in another post? Well, she wanted the corners to maintain the pattern (they would normally be cut as half-square triangles), so she worked to get them just right by piecing them! They are wonderful!

Here's a pic of the whole quilt. Not a good representation of the colors--the detail shot is pretty true. She did both these quilts in the time most students did one! And did the wedding quilt as well! Fabulous job, Judy!
Well, I'd better not keep Richard waiting any longer--he's sitting at the computer hitting the refresh button hoping that this post will be extra special--we'll have to stay tuned to the comments to see if it met his expectations!
I know I've said this many times, but you each need to remember how special and unique you are. No one can be a better you than you are. It may look like someone has so much more than you do, but you don't necessarily know what burdens come with those perceived riches. I am trying every day to be thankful for the many blessings I receive--and there are many. I count each of you among those blessings.
Hugs to you all,


  1. Amazing job, Sharon. Thanks for all your hard work and insight into life. And to Judy, that is an amazing quilt. I love the colors and the designs are fascinating. Sharon, take a break and thanks again for a fun July.

  2. Hi Sharon, Hurray! You made it through the whole month. Congratulations! Richard is right, your daily blog posts did make for a fun July. Judy's quilts are gorgeous. Thank you for reminding us all to be kind to ourselves and to remember that we are special individuals. That really is important. Your little reminders help me to count my blessings. You are a very special person, and I'm glad to call you my friend. Big Hugs, Jay P.S. I'll see you Tuesday night for class in Ithaca.

  3. Thanks for the month of blogs. I'm sure there are many other lurkers that also appreciate it.
    After going to the Hershey Quilt show and many area Amish quilt shops, I can only think "What hath God wrought?" How can He expect us to turn on a vacuum cleaner or clean the bathroom when there is so much wonderful quilting to be done?!

  4. I've truly enjoyed your daily blogs during the month of July. You take lovely photos of your yard, flowers and kitty. Also, your log of daily sewing, quilting, classes, etc. help to keep me working on projects. Thank you for sharing your little corner of the world with the rest of us.

    Sherry M.

  5. Alas...should we now enroll in the 12 step Sharon Stroud program to help us all out of our addiction??? Should we expect more blogdom visits for August??? Should we stay tuned for the next episode??? Should we just break down and drown our sorrows in chocolate cake, ice cream and fudge??? What to do....

    Seriously, it was great to keep in touch with you and your daily travels this past month. I think that while most of us really want to have close friends that we stay in contact with on a daily basis, so many things keep that from reality. Distance is an especially difficult thing to overcome and I know that despite my best efforts, I don't get to talk to friends I left behind in Michigan nearly oftern enough. Blogging though seems to be the next best thing. It is as if "we" talked on the phone everyday or at least spent a few minutes catching up and sharing life. It really has been great and I know that you are a very special person, as do many of the folks that know you by classes or in other venues.I always appreciate your reminders, as all too often it is too easy to forget that we each have something that makes us special... take a minute to revisit just what that is =)))


  6. OH MY Sharon --how can I follow with a comment after reading the ones above???? I, too, have really enjoyed your daily thoughts, and adventures--so I hope you do blog more often in Aug than in the past--I have discovered that alot and I mean a lot of persons read our blog sites daily--even though they never comment--so we need to remember all of them and the daily "fix" they need from our sites. I am trying to leave "comments" more often on the sites I read and that has had an effect on me--I feel more like they are part of my family--even the famous ones like you---so keep those pictures coming and the stories and keep reminding us to watch for the little things in life and not to be sooo hard on ourselves at times. Hugs, just, Di


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