Saturday, January 9, 2010


Attention, Physical Plant Personnel: Please turn down the air conditioning in the parking lot! Thank you, (shivering) Management

The trees look frosted, don't they?

Stay warm--luckily, we are quilters! (On an unrelated note, if you make smaller quilts or minis, do you ever have non-quilting people ask if you are going to join them all together to make one bigger quilt? I always want to say "Yes, I just love binding all of these small pieces and am looking forward to trying to invisibly sew them together to make them look like a big quilt." Luckily, my censor comes on first and I just say "No". Then you get the look--Okay, let's step away from the crazy lady.") For those of you not laughing....



  1. HI Sharon, Your sense of humor is wonderful! I've always heard that "laughter is the best medicine" and that "it's good for the soul". Now if only we could use laughter to keep warm. Hugs, Jay

  2. "My cats love them just as they are. It makes each one feel so special as their tiny paws rest on such soft and decorative fabrics. They are fine judges of quality, too... if the stitches are too big or seams are not just right, they will hack up a hairball showing me their displeasue. Ronnie is really hard to please, she is a delightful calico with white feet. Then there is Tonda a big longhair Mainecoon that loves pastels, and Larry the domestic shorthair that likes camo and deer hunting fabric, and Mario the Long hair tabby that likes applique...and..... oh yes, Marlene that is just drawn to Log Cabin quilts that are hand stitched....and....."

    I'm thinking that answer will not only stop them dead in their tracks, but might prevent the next group of people within ear shot of even contemplating about asking a question...LOL!

    I think I have a bizzarre answer for everything. Does that say something about me???? LOL

    HUGS and stay warm!!

  3. Hi--hope you are staying warm--like you said we can always quilt on a big quilt and that keeps us warm and you have Callie and Lennie to help you!!!
    Enjoyed the pictures too--
    Hugs, Di&co
    PS you can also keep warm like I did this week end and clean and clean--only I did have some problems with the "Quilt Police" coming to my door--read all about it on my site????


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