Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pictures are Back

This picture looks funny--the white "triangles" at the ends are my design wall. My photo editing software does not allow me to crop those out. Picture this, instead, with a medium to dark green binding as an edge finish. Ahhhh, much better.

I had only a fat quarter of background fabric, decided to do three blocks and did the math based on that, then changed my mind to do four blocks and only did part of the math. So...when I got ready to put the blocks together I found that I didn't have any 3.5 inch squares for the center--and my background fabric was gone--literally only shreds left. So I punted and used the design fabric in each block's center. I really like it better.

But...that left me with one block's worth of triangles and squares all cut out--with no background. So I chose another background and decided to do the block as it was supposed to be. Here's the result. (And, yes, Virginia, these are all machine pieced--9 inches finished.)

As promised, I did finish the quilting on the 5 pointed star. I really like the looks of it.

And here's a picture of the back after I ironed away the marker. It's like magic!

I'm torn now between designing a new machine pieced sampler and working on a new applique design. Now, let's see...if I stay up all night every night for, oh say, the next several years (or the rest of my life, whichever comes first), I might make a small dent in the ideas I have for new quilts and the desire to finish some of the old ones still languishing on the unfinished pile. Did I tell you I basted a top last week? At least it's a bit more protected than as a top.

Okay, that's probably all the fun you can take at this late (or early) hour. So I am off to do a bit more work and then who knows.

Hugs to all,

P.S. I am reading (hard copy) Flying Changes by Sara Gruen. I absolutely love it. It was cosmic intervention that I had just finished listening to Riding Lessons when this came in at the library--the same day! You don't have to love horses to love the books.

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  1. Hi Sharon, The five pointed start looks great! I love that quilting design. My oh my, you are busy! It makes me a bit tired just reading about all that you accomplish. I haven't been anywhere near as productive, but I'm having a nice weekend - and no school on Monday. Hurray! And yes, I'm still keeping up with some daily hand quilting. Hugs, Jay


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