Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Catching Up Again

First, many thanks to all of you who asked about Lynnie. She seems to be fine--apparently (and hopefully) it was a one-time event. She has never had this before, nor had the other two dogs. She is getting a bit better about being out of my sight, but she is still a bit nervous--I think I would be too. Here's a picture of her I took tonight. What a cutie!

After giving my dad a haircut this morning, I got right down to work. In an attempt to empty tote bags and cases from classes that have now ended, I came across a group of blocks I had partially pieced and then left. So I finished these five, plus two more not pictured. These five are 8 inches finished and the others are 6 inches finished.

I also put a sleeve and binding on the 5 pointed star. Love those binder clips!

Also prepped for two classes tomorrow. And am plotting two new projects--okay, probably more than two--one appliqued and one pieced. It'll be fun to see how they pan out. Next step is fabric selection. Here's something I ponder quite frequently: I have an extensive stash and yet I go out and buy fabric for new projects! Except for my extensive collection of batiks--I never get tired of them. But I do love those novelty prints--I just can't help myself! Do you think there is a 12 step program for novelaholics?

Callie was feeling a bit left out, so she asked to be included tonight. She was actually giving me the evil eye just in case I didn't quite get the message!

Be safe and be well. And thanks again for all the kind words and thoughts about Lynnie. It meant a lot.

Hugs to all!


  1. HI Sharon, I'm so glad to hear that Lynnie is doing better. Your blocks are beautiful, of course. Busy, busy, busy! Twenty days of working on / practicing my hand quilting. Woo hoo! And tonight I spent some time cutting out some templates for applique. Hugs, Jay

  2. Am soo glad to hear Lennie is better--how strange that two other dogs had the same thing at the same time==must of been the moon!!!
    Keep on stitching--and Callie says thanks for showing my picture-Mom!!!
    hugs, diane

  3. Sharon,
    It's nice to see a happier picture of Lynnie.
    I don't recall seeing any of your work with batiks. Could you post one sometime? Also, how much of a fabric do you buy when it is not for a specific project? 1 yd.? 1/2 yd.? etc.


  4. Sharon,
    I am a big fan of yours. I read your blog about Lynnie and it brought back memories of my "baby". At age 5 she went head on into a tree while playing and developed seizures. The vet told me to just hold her, rock her, pet her and talk to her until she came out of it. Some times I had to give her some Valium (from the vet)when she started to have one. Yes, it is a scarey time. My baby lived 13 more years!
    I loved your hand quilting class and am still practicing!Love your work!!!


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