Monday, January 18, 2010

A Bump in the Road

Last night, after I published my blog post, I was surfing the web when Lynnie staggered into the sewing room, hit a bunch of stuff and stumbled back out. She hit stuff on both sides of the hallway and then proceeded to demolish most of the smaller freestanding stuff in the parlor. She was having a seizure. I finally got hold of her and held her while frantically dialing the vet. I rushed her to his office and he confirmed what I had suspected. Nothing really to be done except keep her in a darkened room and comfort her. Back home we came and went directly to bed, where she cuddled next to me most of the night. Today she has been like glue--not leaving my side for very long. So I have spent a good part of the day comforting her and giving her lots of TLC. Right now she is lying next to my computer table asleep.

It was very scary. Today when I checked in with the vet, he said two other dogs had had seizures yesterday! That seems really odd, doesn't it? I just hope it never happens again.

Lynnie wants to remind all of us to take time to smell the flowers--you just never know what will happen next.

Stay safe everyone!


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  1. Hi Sharon, What upsetting news. I'm sorry to hear that Lynnie isn't well. I hope that she recovers quickly. I'll keep you both in my thoughts and prayers. As you said, it's definitely a good reminder to stop and smell the flowers. Extra Big Hugs, Jay

  2. How scary! Has this happened to Lynnie before?


  3. Hey--Lennie--your fan club is praying for you to feel better and now to let this happen again--ok buddy!!! It scares your mom too much!!!
    Love you Lennie--hugs, hugs, Diane


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