Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ladybug, Ladybug, Fly Away Home

Are you being inundated with ladybugs? I swear they multiply as you look at them! (I really don't mind them, but being hit in the head by a flying ladybug is a bit weird!)

I think this pic is too funny! It's a small tea light holder--and the ladybugs took up residence!

Seen a ladybug up close and personal? You have now!

Lynnie is still fine, Callie is still trying to rule the roost, and I have been busy--thus the lack of posts. I did get quilting thread for a quilt I basted a few weeks ago, and hand-dyed pearl cotton to do some embroidery on an applique piece (Okay, Anita, don't faint!).

Happy Sunday!


P.S. Hooray, Jay! Keep up the great work! And, Sheila, sorry I missed your call. Thanks for your offer of help and I'll catch up with you soon. Marion, when I first started quilting I bought as much of a fabric I liked as I could afford. Now I tend to buy in fat quarters, halves and yards, unless I think I may want to use it as a border--then we are back to yardage! There is no right or wrong amount. And check the December 31, 2009 post (Reflections); the wallhanging shown is entirely batiks. There may be other batik pieces scattered in the blog posts, but that one I know for sure. And thanks to all who continue to comment!

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  1. Hi Sharon, What a surprise to read that you're going to go embroidery! Are those real ladybugs or some of those imposters that showed up in this area a few years ago. I can never remember how we're supposed to tell them apart. I'm still stitching, at least a few stitches each day. And some days it really only has been a few. But a few is definitely better than none. Hugs, Jay


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