Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rainbows and Blue Skies

Did you all have a fabulous Sunday? I designed and appliqued an entire block today, started a new hat to replace the chewed one, repaired the chewed one (I hate mending) and have trashed my sewing rooms. Well, let's just say that every flat surface is covered with fabric, paper, more get the idea. Tomorrow (I'm in my Scarlett mode) I'll make an attempt to pick things back up.

Here's a funny (not really) story from my escapades yesterday. I had an idea for a table runner and designed and made the ends--so far so good. The bad news? The ends are not divisible by any whole, half, or quarter number! So back to the drawing board! (That's why I switched to applique today--I have much less trouble making things fit!)

Wishing you nothing but blue skies in February. See you then!


  1. Hi Sharon, Unfortunately I missed the rainbow. I spent most of the day grading papers. Yuck! I'm looking forward to seeing you Tuesday evening. Hugs, Jay

  2. Hi Sharon,

    No court, may see you all Tuesday.

    I really like the bias tape tutorial.

    Mary Ellen


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