Friday, January 29, 2010

It Started with A Dog...and Ended with a Cat

Remember this hat? I posted a picture of it back in December. It was made for a friend, who was thrilled to receive it.

This is what the hat looked like today...alas, not exactly the same. The recipient's dog decided to literally "take a bite out of it". In just a few seconds, hours of work was destroyed. Bad dog!

And a closer look, just in case you were not horrified enough by the prior picture! I brought the hat home and have decided to try to crochet around the opening to at least keep it from unraveling any more. I thought about inserting a lifeline into the untouched area and then unraveling down to that and knitting toward the edge again. But...the hat is being returned to the same dog-infested house, where it may meet the same fate! (Remember, I love dogs and the dog in question is still only about a year old and the owner feels really, really terrible about the hat.) So, I think a bandaid approach is in order. No, I didn't throw a hissy fit; I didn't even weep a few bitter tears. I gave the hat freely and I know it has been worn every day since its gifting. You can't beat that.

To add insult to injury, after taking the pictures, the hat was on the cutting table and when I looked up from doing something else, there was Callie, rubbing herself all over the hat and then taking a bath. That's how the story ended with a cat! (At least she didn't eat any of it!)

And so it goes, this Friday night. As an aside, my downloads take so long on dial-up that I have now put a sock I am working on at my computer table. I can make some serious inroads on knitting while waiting.

TaTa, my quilting friends!


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  1. Of course Callie sat on it - why else did you leave it there? Our cat prefers the computer keyboard so consider yourself lucky!

    Stay warm!



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