Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's Good to be Green

Especially if you are 1/4 inch painter's tape!!!!  I've wished for this size tape ever since painter's tape was invented.  A few months ago, that wish came true.

While waiting for paint to be mixed, I was perusing the shelves of tapes and other painting sundries.  I almost fell down when I saw this package--and promptly bought two rolls!  It has to be the best tape ever and I use it for quilting!  Low tack, easy to see...what's not to like?

Because I know you'll  

Yesterday was spent in the company of eight delightful women who wanted to learn to hand quilt my way.  They all did a wonderful job and left with a great start on their practice pieces.  It's so exciting!

Blissful hugs for the start of your week,


  1. I plan to pick up a couple of rolls when I drive through Cortland next week!


  2. And I'm still at it! Thanks for the great class Sharon.


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