Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Mason Jar Mini Tutorial

Since someone asked....  I use Mason/Ball jars for storing buttons (bottom shelf) and seashells (middle shelf), and I have an old lid set inside another dish of buttons!

On the back of the "throne" I have another jar of buttons, a candle and a jar of popcorn.  Why popcorn, you ask?  According to feng shui (I think that's the right spelling), if you put a jar of popcorn on the toilet tank lid and keep the seat lid closed (when not in use!), you will keep more money in your house.  It's harmless and who's to say it doesn't work?  The lovely runner is designed by Joan Ford at  She's a prolific designer--check her out!

And here's a small jar of buttons keeping a snoozing polar bear company on a bookshelf.  In addition to Mason jars I also use all kinds of interesting bottles and jars to keep tiny treasures neat and clean and beautifully displayed.

Happy Birthday, America!  It's so hot here that I don't think they will need to light the fireworks--I think they will spontaneously combust!

Blissful hugs,

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  1. It is cool to see all your Mason jar uses. I have one filled with smooth stones and another one just empty sitting on the stove -- guess I should find something to store in it! Congrats on the win!

    Terri H


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