Friday, July 27, 2012

The Cat Made Me Do It

Or more accurately, wouldn't LET me do it.  Blog that is!  With all the hot weather and mugginess, Callie's been resting on my leather office chair.  Since the computer is on the desk, and it's easier to type sitting down, and I was too tired to fight with her, there was a gap in posting.  It's all Callie's fault.  Don't believe me?  Take a look at those eyes!  (I DARE you to try to make me move!)

At any rate, I have been busy with teaching and getting classes set up for fall and all those good quilty things. I've restarted (I think this is at least the fourth time) my Cotton Candy yarn sweater.  Could everyone keep nice thoughts for me as I try this again.  The yarn is so pretty and I'd like the sweater to wear in the fall--which keeps creeping up on us!

For those of you wondering where to get Nevr-Dull, I got mine at a tack and feed store, but I'm sure it is available more widely.  Here's the website so you can find more options.

That's it from my side of the world tonight.  Remember to smile so people wonder what you are up to!

Blissful hugs,

P.S.  I am listening to And Justice There Is None by Deborah Crombie.  She's a new-to-me author and so far I like her writing very much. 


  1. You read my mind. I was just going to ask where to get Nevr-Dull. Thanks!


  2. My kitten likes to sleep on my computer chair, too. What is the appeal? She doesn't normally sit on my lap here.

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