Saturday, July 14, 2012

My New Quilt Batting, Part 2

As promised, more samples using the new batting--Quilters Dream Poly Request.

Black fabric, white batting, cream colored back, green variegated thread 40 wt.

Muslin both sides, 40 wt. variegated thread.

I also tried several small samples of the Quilters Dream Cotton Request.  These are muslin both sides with 12 wt. Sulky Blendable thread.  I am very happy with this batt.  With less than 1% shrinkage, the company does not even recommend preshrinking.  The cotton batting has a wonderful drape and is available in cream and white.

Sunday I will finish this up with pics of the other two quilts I finished with the poly batt.  I've been teaching my hand quilting classes with the new poly batt and students have been thrilled with it.

Blissful hugs until Sunday,


  1. I came upon your website because I am a very novice quilter, machine and trying to teach myself to handquilt. I came across thimble lady tutorials, and have found them to be functionally awkward, do you have a website or an online course I could sign up for that I could teach myself after I get off work, this quilting helps me unwind at the end of a work day, any suggestions concerning online courses so I can view them on my time would be greatly appreciated anything - thank you in advance for any visual help you can give me, words just don't help a whole lot.

  2. Sharon,

    I made a wallhanging that included eggshell Moda Marbles print that now reads like a white solid--Ahhh!

    A fellow (experienced) quilter told me to use a black batt, it will help bring out the parchment-y print.

    I have put a dark fabric underneath my wallhanging and between my dark back--didn't make a particle of difference. I also looked online, and the reviews are that black batts will drag your print down--which, there really isn't one anyway.

    Can I get your opinion?


    Intermiediate Quilter
    (very upset with Self! I will laugh about it later!) :D

  3. PS--I put the dark fabric underneath for a review. I haven't quilted yet.

    Intermediate Quilter


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