Friday, July 13, 2012

My New Quilt Batting, Part 1

Many years and thousands of stitches later, I am happy to announce my new batting choices.  First up:  My choice for polyester.  That's right, Quilters Dream Poly, in Request loft (the thinnest).


Available in two colors:  black and white.  Hedge your bets and choose the batting color according to the main fabrics.  I tested light fabrics with dark batting and dark fabrics with light batting and found little or no bearding.  Visit the Quilters Dream blog at for even more information on preventing bearding.  (In testing these battings, I admit that I did NONE of those know how I am--worst case scenario all the way.)

Here are a couple of the smaller test pieces.  Batiks, muslin, dark with light batting.  I used a 12 wt. Sulky Blendable thread on these samples.

Remember the teaser from last night?  Here it is finished.  I got the stencil while I was in Canada and couldn't wait to use it!

Here is a close-up.  Last night's pics still had the marking lines (Clover White Marking Pen ) showing. Here they have been ironed away, leaving nothing but the stitches.

And, surprise, the backing is also a batik, but much lighter.

Tomorrow (and probably Sunday) I will share more samples with you and also reveal my new bestest cotton batting.  I will also say that the people at Quilters Dream are knowledgeable, courteous and just so nice to work with.  And the best part?  Quilt shops can order just ONE batting at a time, not just in cartons, so you can get the size, type and color of batting you need without waiting for someone else to also need that exact same batting.  How's that for service?

Okay, enough for now.  I'll be back with Part 2 tomorrow.  Now you know what I've been doing the past few weeks--hand quilting up a storm!  Lots to share!

Blissful hugs,


  1. Beautiful quilting, Sharon. I'll be waiting for part 2 now...hopefully not sitting on pins and needles.


  2. Hi Sharon, Such excitement! The big reveal! Yay! I think I heard the trumpets sound. (grin) As I said when I saw them in person, your samples are beautiful. I especially love the stencil from Canada that you quilted on the blue batik, as well as the one that's like four fleur du lis on muslin. I still haven't gotten around to testing the Quilters Dream cotton that I have. Maybe that's on the docket for this coming week. I hope you're doing your best to keep cool. Big Hugs, Jay


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