Monday, January 14, 2013

A Tutorial on Posting Blog Comments

A blog reader emailed me privately and said that it would be great if I did a tutorial on how to post comments to my blog.  She reads it often and would like to comment, but didn't know how to go about it.  That's a very fair question, and may be why more readers don't comment!  So here goes!  I took pics as I went through the process of adding a comment to a recent blog.

See where the fickle finger of fate is pointing?  It says "No comments", which is confusing.  Because you need to click on No Comment to leave a comment!

Wait for it!  I changed the comment section from a pop-up (different screen) to embedded to hopefully make this easier!  This is what you will see next.  Type your comment in the box.  Now you need to choose an identity.  See where it says "Comment as"?

Click that and a list appears.  You can choose an account where you will later be asked to log in, like Google, or you can comment anonymously.  Just remember, if you use anonymous, please give me at least a hint in the comment box of who you are!

For the test, I chose to use Anonymous.  You can now hit preview or publish.  

This shows the "preview" screen.  See "edit" in blue on the right?  You can still make changes to your comments.

Next to appear is the safety zone.  Yes, I hate it too.  But the blog would be filled with yucky comments from spammers and who knows who else without it.  Having a hard time reading the two parts?  No problem.  If you get it wrong, it gives you new clues and another chance!  You can see where I have typed in the two words.  I now hit Publish.

And, voila, Bob's your uncle and your comment is posted!  It takes longer to describe than to actually post a comment.  So come on, all you lurkers, give it a whirl.  Make my day!  Leave a comment!

Blissful hugs,


  1. Enjoy your blog-especially your photos and your amazing pets.

  2. Good Morning! I like the changes you have made here. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Well done - that was a great explanation.



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