Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More Smiling Faces

Monday was another banner day! 

Cassandra cut and pieced this hexagon flower in class!  It is not English paper piecing--just good, old-fashioned hand piecing.  She is so excited!  And has enthusiastic plans for more flowers from hexagons.  (I don't think she anticipated liking it so much.)

Terri H. brought in her Monthly Bliss 1 top completed.  This is a tough set of blocks, and it is gratifying to see so many finished quilts from this pattern.  Talk about a smiling face!

Not to be outdone, Penny also came with a finished top.  (Penny and Terri are friends!)  Can you believe the tops are from the same pattern?  Penny LOVES purple--I bet you couldn't tell that.  Love the bits of yellow to make things pop.  You can tell she's smiling big--just look at those eyes!

Liljimmydickens is sitting on my lap as I type.  He's definitely a lap cat!  And Lynnie is snoozing nearby.  Gotta love those four-legged friends!

Blissful hugs,

P.S.  I have been remiss in reminding you all how special you are.  This seems to be a time when things are going astray for many.  (I personally blame it on my not winning the presidential election, but I digress....)  Let's spread good things around us.  A smile costs absolutely nothing to give, but can be priceless to the receiver.  

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