Sunday, January 13, 2013

Random Sunday

I must admit to a bit of sloth today.  I've started on the instep of my mom's sock, cleaned the sewing room closet (!), done a bit of vacuuming and took Dickens to the vet.  Turns out he has an auto-immune disease, which apparently is not uncommon in neutered male cats.  So he is on injectable steroids--most likely for the rest of his life.  Luckily that only has to take place every two to three months.  He is already more comfortable (less itching, no weird bumps) and his fur feels soft and silky again.  He's gone through so much in his young life, this seems like adding insult to injury.  On the plus side, he and Lynnie are happy together.

Most of the snow is gone, thanks to our warmer than usual weather.  Guess what that means?  Yep, MUD!  And we have lots of running and standing water.  On the bright side?  We don't have to snow blow or mow! Yippee!

I'm listening to The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown.  

Happy start to your week!

Blissful hugs,

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