Thursday, January 17, 2013


You may want to cover your eyes, send your children into another room and have smelling salts chocolate standing by.  What you are about to see is just horrifying....

Not too long ago I brought a Featherweight home to clean for a friend.  You can imagine the dismay when I flipped up the arm and found this!

Shocking!  And when I tipped the machine over to see the bottom, this appeared....

Oh, the agony of this poor machine as she toiled away faithfully, all the while hampered by this lint.  Rest assured that she got a full spa day--cleaning, oiling, polishing.  And she is ever so much happier. does your machine's bobbin area look?  About every three bobbins, I take off the throat plate and use canned air to remove the lint and dusty stuff.  A couple drops of oil and I'm back in business.  The lint causes friction which damages the parts of your machine.  

And don't get me started on the needles....  Every 8 hours of sewing or at least a new needle every project.  NOT just when they break.  Yes, I am rolling my eyes!  The needles are the cheapest item we use for sewing.  You would ruin a great project for the cost of a new needle?  Really?

As an update to the question I asked Janet yesterday, no, she has not gotten her quilt back.  Let's all chant "Kaaterskill"--perhaps our collective positive energy being released into the world will be successful.  It certainly cannot hurt.

That's it for tonight.  Happy Friday, y'all!

Blissful hugs,


  1. PLEASE...don't turn me in for neglect!!! I swear that is the result of one project using fusible fleece.....

    (she hangs her head shamefully as she considers how long it's been since she oiled her beloved machine...or even changed the needle...)

  2. Thanks, Sharon - I'll be chanting.



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