Thursday, January 10, 2013


It came as a surprise to me--I work in a sharps industry!  So proper disposal of used needles and pins is important to everyone.

I like decorative salt and pepper shakers for most needle disposal.  Or actually storage until full and then disposal in something less exciting!  If you have clear shakers, you can see the used needles and pins and they really are quite pretty.

Or you could be lucky enough to be gifted an antique shaker like that shown in the middle.  It has a tiny cork in the bottom!

For those of us who use a bit larger-headed pin, opening the shaker to get the pin inside is a royal pain.  So I use a grated cheese shaker!  The larger holes in the head (not to be confused with the larger holes in MY head!) allow pin heads (an entirely different story) to pass through easily.  Each of these containers will hold many pins and needles.

When any of these get full, I will transfer the sharps to a medicine bottle with a tight lid and dispose of them properly.  And start filling again!

These shakers are quite addicting.  I have one just about any place that I sew.  Give them a try!

Blissful hugs,

P.S.  The red and white quilt behind the shakers is from 1865, is hand pieced and hand quilted and has never been washed.  It is worn and there are spring marks on one side and a bit of fading.  But what a find.  I love to display it, especially at Christmas.


  1. Sharon, thanks for the great idea! I have a small vile that is original packaging for a vanilla bean at the bulk food store that I use for my used/broken sharps and machine needles... but the shakers are much more tasteful ;)

    Would love to see more of that red/white quilt. Was it in the family ?


  2. I love this idea, Sharon. These shakers are so pretty to look at, much better than my old medicine bottle, that rolls around on the table and that I can never find when I need it. I am going to pick up a few this weekend (maybe at the Goodwill?), put one on my sewing table near the TV and another in the sewing room. Great idea. Thanks for sharing.


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