Sunday, January 6, 2013

Picture-less Sunday

Hard to imagine, but I actually strung together 2 and a half days at home!  It's been heaven.  

For the past couple hours I've been sitting with a large hairy cat on my lap.  The results?  A very happy cat, and one very hairy shirt!  The light blue is almost black!  It's worth every hair.

Lynnie is doing fine.  Every day with her is a blessing.  

When I was out late this afternoon, it was snowing those huge fluffy flakes.  So pretty against the lights.  

A couple nights ago, when I got home well after dark, there was a deer standing where I needed to turn around at the end of the drive.  I waved to let him/her know it was me.  Got "the stare".  Finally I rolled down my window and said, "Hey, I live here!  You need to move out of the way so I can turn around."  After more staring (and I swear some eye-rolling), there was the leisurely slinking away.  Just far enough for me to turn around and park.

Okay, enough for tonight.  If you were unable to sleep before reading this post, I'm sure you are drowsy by now.

Blissful hugs,

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