Friday, January 6, 2012

Another Fabulous Finished Top

Can we say WOW?  Lori M. of Watkins Glen finished her Flower Garden top.  Lori has a wonderful color sense--and she's not afraid to go bold.  The actual fabrics are much brighter than they appear in the picture.  Great job, Lori!

I actually did a bit of hand quilting today--it's been a while, which makes me sad as it's my favorite part of the process.  I have several things to get done over the next couple days--including hand sewing the binding on the frog quilt.  But I am definitely back into quilt mode.  Semper calcitat!

More tomorrow!


P.S.  Many thanks to everyone who has responded to the tech debate.  If you have not yet commented, it's not too late.  I know people are still "lurking" and would appreciate your input, as will I!  


  1. It's just stunning - congratulations to student and teacher!!! Do I see a Stroudis Stupidous in there????

    Take care, stay warm, Kathleen

  2. Hi Sharon,

    I have had a Kindle Reader for about a year and just got the Kindle Fire for Christmas and absolutely love it. It is great for checking email and websites as well as reading. I continue to use both as I can "snyc" my books on both devices. I love the size of the Fire vs. the size of the Ipad. Fits perfect in my "small" purse.

    Hope this helps, see you soon!


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