Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Just a couple quick things tonight.

First, I've updated the Schedule page on my website:  Classes are listed, by shop, from now to the middle of April.  I hope to see you at one or more, if you live close enough!

Second, for those of you who have been at the Wiawaka retreats, sad news.  Menga has passed away.  Truly the end of an era.  

Did any of you watch Alcatraz Monday night on Fox?  I was on the edge of my seat--no knitting or quilting during that program!  

That's it for tonight.  Have to prep for class tomorrow.  We don't have much snow, but it is bitter cold and then add the wind chill.  Icy underneath from the rain we had first!  I guess the weather people call that a "wintry mix".  



  1. Menga will certainly be missed by those who knew her well. But her spirit will live on at Wiawaka!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about Menga. Cindy is right, her spirit will live on at Wiawaka.


  3. very sad to read of Menga's passing - may she rest in peace.


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