Monday, January 23, 2012

Playing with Fabric

For Christmas a friend gave me the Crazy Eights pattern and the fabric bundle!  It's been fun working with fabrics that I didn't have to agonize over!

Here's the pattern cover, in case you get the urge to try this yourself.  There are also shops that bundle the fat quarters for you.  One is Quilters Corner in Ithaca, NY (  I know none of you have 8 fat quarters in your stash!

Here are my four sets of blocks.

And this is the layout after much re-arranging and fretting.  I am still looking at it and won't set it for a few more days.  (Looking at the picture as I am typing, I found one area I didn't like and I've already rearranged it.)  I don't think there is a wrong way to put this together--mostly trying to get the fabrics separated.  I'll post the final picture--when I get there!

I'm finding it more and more valuable to take digital photos of quilts on the design wall.  First, it means that each time I rearrange blocks I can go back to a prior iteration without any difficulty.  Second, as in the photo above, many things that you keep staring at aren't apparent until you look at a picture.  The good news?  You don't have to print any of the pictures!  You can look at them on the camera or download them to your computer to view them larger.

That's it for now.  I'm listening to The Next Always by Nora Roberts and reading The Rope by Nevada Barr.



  1. I made this as a baby quilt and Karen made it smaller for a wall hanging. Fun quilt....and quick.

  2. I made this as a bb quilt for Sam- it is basted and waiting to be easy to put the top together!


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