Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Still Growing

Yes, its the amaryllis again!  The one stalk has taken over.  The three or four leaves are only a couple inches tall and the other bud is going to fall off (I can't bear to cut it off--there might be some miracle and it will survive).  Just today the tip split open.

I'm not sure where I can move it to next...it is going to be too wide when the blossoms come out to stay on this windowsill.  I'll worry about that another day!

Spent part of the day cleaning stalls and buckets.  A little knitting, a little hand quilting...life is good!

Thank you to Anonymous for the info on the thimble.  I did not know that!  It's my favorite go-to thimble but I never leave home with it.  

That's it for tonight.  Remember how truly special you are--I have so decreed it and I will have even more power to decree it once I am elected President!


P.S.  I am listening to Save Me by Lisa Scottoline.

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