Monday, January 2, 2012

Binding Help...

or not!  Because this quilt was a bit bigger, I needed to move Callie's fleece nest (which had been enhanced with cotton batting scraps) off the sewing counter--temporarily.  She was not happy and proceeded to jump into my lap and then onto the quilt where she promptly made herself at home.

What do you mean, I'm impeding progress?
Drats, I think she means it.
Yes, I did  make her get down!  It's really hard to rearrange a quilt with a cat lying in the middle of it!  The binding is on by machine and has the clips holding it down for hand sewing.  I absolutely, positively must have this done by January 11.

I haven't forgotten that I need to show you pics of my finishes--I'm just looking for a good place to hang them for that purpose.

Interesting guesses on the significance of January 1's post--I'll be back on Tuesday with the correct answer and the winner!  Stay tuned!

After the holiday hugs (hehe),

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