Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This and That

This morning, when I looked out at my car, I couldn't imagine what was going on!  There was fluttering and much to-do near the passenger side mirror.  I finally figured out that there was a female cardinal trying to "take out" the bird she saw in the mirror!  Herself!   She fluttered in the mirror, flew to the top of the mirror and then repeated the process five or six times!  A bit later, as I was sitting at the computer in the sewing room, she tried the same trick against the window!  When she finally calmed down enough to sit, I snapped her picture.  

The amaryllis has three of four blooms out!  The box said the blooms would be pink and white striped.  Oops!  Still striking!  I've had to prop the stem against another planter to keep it upright.  No matter how much I turned the stem away from the light, it stayed in one crook.

You can practically see the plants growing by leaps and bounds, which is fun during the winter.  My mom has had two batches of snowdrops blooming outside already.

I am quilting away on a project that was over half done about five years ago.  And I've rearranged my Crazy Eights about nine billion times!  I may set it tomorrow just so I will stop playing with it.

More tomorrow!


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  1. My mom has to put plastic grocery bags over her car mirrors to keep the cardinals away. One year it was so bad here that I had to prune the lilac bush outside my window because the female cardinal would NOT stop pecking and jumping into the window from one of its branches.


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