Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Random Wednesday

I almost wrote Random Tuesday!  I think I lost a day!

At any rate, as I was looking through some old pictures today, I found two I thought would be interesting to share with you.  Both were taken in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

First--you all know the saying "When life gives you scraps, make a quilt".  Well, I guess when life gives you scrap metal you make a sculpture!  This piece is several feet tall!

This church spire is just lovely.  As you may have guessed, I am partial to taking pictures of what most would deem "odd" objects.  Some make me laugh out loud, some are just awe-inspiring and others are--well--just odd!

A couple housekeeping chores:

First:  Josie, please send along your address--I don't mind sending things "across the pond"!

Second, my friend Jay said to tell Terri (and anyone else interested) that the Sewline threader replacement heads can be found at  

Third:  Thanks to all who have responded about the "technology" question.  It's interesting to hear the pros and cons of these devices.  I am reluctant to go the smart phone route--I still remember having most of my life organized on a PDA (that's a blast from the past!)--and then it crashed.  I'm okay with separate things to do different tasks.

Okay, enough randomness for this Wednesday!


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  1. Love the owl sculpture! Wish I had one for my backyard! Maybe I can quilt one -- oh no, that won't work! I am loving the Kindle/iPad discussion. I am leaning toward the iPad with 3G so it can expand. I will keep you updated on the sewline replacement. I am waiting for an answer from VS to see if they can order. If not, will take Jay's advise. Thank you, Jay!

    Terri H


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