Saturday, January 28, 2012

One Last Time

The amaryllis is just too beautiful to not show once more--I couldn't help myself!

Close-ups provide much more detail than is really available to the naked eye.  Grains of pollen.

The fuzzy look of the -- I don't know, is this the pistol?  I think the above are stamens.  (Normally I would just call this the "sticky-out-part.)

Such beautiful elegance.

And four blossoms!  Three are out (one is behind the frog) and a fourth bud is open today (Saturday).  The pictures were taken Thursday.

A little something to hopefully brighten your day.  Consider getting an amaryllis bulb around Christmas this year--they are just amazing to watch.

More tomorrow!



  1. Beautiful Sharon -- thanks for sharing. Hugs... Karen

  2. Nothing beats the beauty of Mother Nature!

    Terri H


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