Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ahhh...Fussy Cutting

Looking back at some of my earlier pieces, I realize how much I love to fussy cut. Six pointed stars, Texas stars, hexagons, Dresden Plates...everything is fair game! I have a class finishing a hexagonal quilt, with seven pieced hexagons making up the center. That may be what made me remember these small "candle mats".

These make great gifts, as you can choose the fabrics to match the recipient's personality or interests. The first one is made with salt and pepper shaker fabric. The elongated pentagons are cut in pairs and placed opposite each other. Check out the cat face center!

Next is a rabbit design. I only had scraps left from a different project, so I cut in sets of three and alternated both sets. Notice how the flowers go left on every other one, and right on the others. The red center makes the tulips pop.

Beatrix Potter...what's not to love. Soft, beautiful designs. Again, using sets of three alternating. With a darker center and setting diamonds, the rabbit fabric takes center stage.

All three pieces were sandwiched and turned so that they did not require binding. Each measures about 8 inches and all are hand quilted. Add a candle if you are so inclined and in a couple of evenings you will have an amazing gift!
Enjoy what is left of Thursday night and have a wonderful Friday!


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