Thursday, July 8, 2010

Here's Looking at You

One night I was out after dark and found this on the ground under the dusk-to-dawn light. Rumor has it that the spots drive away predators. Viewed from this angle, it almost looks like an owl with wings up to cover part of its face! Still cool.
I don't know about any of the rest of you but enough is enough. I am cooked (overcooked actually) and I can't take off any more clothes in public. Air conditioning feels great when you first walk into it, but then the humidity seems to take over and you feel clammy and sticky again almost immediately. Let's hope this is the August heat wave early and we won't have to suffer through this again next month.

Still too hot for anything but virtual hugs,


  1. HI Sharon, That's a cool looking moth. It definitely does look like and owl. I agree about this heat and humidity! I thunderstorm and some nice cooling rain to clear the air would be wonderful! Virtual Hugs to you, Jay

  2. How big is that moth???

    We once saw a moth with a 6 inch wing span, on the side of our house. We called him Mothra, of course. I'd hate to see the caterpillar who morphed into him.



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