Friday, July 9, 2010


I have this uncanny ability to conjure people. Do you ever have someone in your thoughts--kind of out of the blue and definitely persistent? Could be over a couple days or a week or so. And then, suddenly, there they are!

Tuesday night several of us were talking about someone we care about very much, but we haven't seen her in quite a while. We asked others if they had seen her or knew anything about her and was she okay. No one had seen her or heard anything about her, so we left it at that. But she was still on my mind.

Lo and behold, tonight, in the middle of a torrential downpour, I stopped at the grocery store. There I was in the meat aisle minding my own business when someone said, "Sharon!". I turned to find...yep, you guessed it, the person who had been on my mind! I dropped everything I was holding and gave her a huge hug and could not believe my good fortune! For those of you who read the blog and know who I mean, she is fine, busy with work, dropped out of guild. She looks wonderful and is still happy with her big life decision.

So pay attention to those thoughts of someone--you might be able to do a bit of conjuring of your own!

It's once again cool enough for hugs,

P.S. We finally had rain today--lots and lots of rain! Hopefully the humidity will stay down, but it is a welcome relief, no matter how brief. (Okay, that was an unintentional rhyme, but it did make me smile!)

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  1. HI Sharon, I'm glad that you got rain, 'cause we only had some sprinkles here. Not enough to really mention. HURRAY!!! That is wonderful news! I"m so happy to hear that she is doing well and things are fine. I'm so glad that we talked and that you "conjured her up" in the supermarket. We're all so fortunate that you use your powers for GOOD. (BIG GRIN) Send BIG HUGS (virtual and real) and lots of love, Jay


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