Friday, July 16, 2010

Birds of a Feather

They really do flock together! Imagine my surprise to look out my sewing room window and see both the male cardinal and the phoebe so close together. And...on the other side of the tree, there was a catbird...but too far over to get all three in the same shot!

The ground hogs are growing--Diane suggested that if there had been seven babies I could have named them after the Seven Dwarfs! Too funny. At the moment I call them all Speedy, because they run like crazy for the nearest hole when the door opens!

That's it for tonight--short, sweet, and to the point! Has anyone received an envelope yet?



  1. I did! I received an envelope yesterday (Friday) and I was thrilled! I have it hanging in my "new" sewing room!

    Thank you, thank you..... I did not expect it. I miss you.


  2. Yes, I received mine this morning. Thank you! I love it!
    Cindy O

  3. I received mine today (Saturday)! I need to find a special place for it in my sewing room. Thank you so much!

  4. Thank you, Sharon - I received mine today. You didn't need to send me anything - just keep writing!



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