Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More Ants

A short post tonight. I have a dear friend who absolutely loves anything with ants. So I tend to take pictures of them when the time is right. The rest of you can come along for the ride.

Another pretty productive day quilting-wise. I put binding and a sleeve on the quilt I couldn't do last night, prepped a block for a hand-piecing class that I taught tonight, and found a few unexpected things in my sewing room! Good things...in case you were thinking otherwise. I'm not sure if I'll do much more tonight--maybe take from now until midnight off!

Until the morrow--and with hugs aplenty,



  1. Hi Sharon, 11:16 pm til Midnight - WOW! A whole forty four minutes of leisure! Such extravagance! (GRIN) No quilting to report here, but I have started dyeing fabric. Big Hugs, Jay


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