Sunday, July 11, 2010


A couple weeks ago I was walking the lawn before mowing. I saw something orange near a lilac bush and wondered what it was. Imagine my surprise when they were orange mushrooms!
Maybe they are "magic" mushrooms!!!! I'm not sure--definitely didn't eat them or whatever. Just thought they would make an interesting blog post. Anyone know anything about them? Lest you think I preserved them you would be mistaken--off with their heads when I mowed!
You just never know what you'll see next! Tonight I saw an adult fox and the heron in a tree! (No they were not both in the tree, just the heron! Silly you...what's in the cool drink?)

Cooler sleeping weather--gotta love that.


P.S. I wanted to make sure that psychedelic was correctly spelled and went to The related searches field turned up "Shrooms" which just made me laugh out loud!

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