Friday, July 2, 2010


There have always been woodchucks living under the back porch. And usually there is a single birth to add to the population each year. This spring was different. Imagine my surprise when I looked out and saw the mama woodchuck with two babies! And they are a bit different color than normal. So I ran to get my camera.
Right after I took the first photo, two more babies appeared!
And then two more appeared! Six babies in all! Too big a spread for one photo, so here are four sibs.
And mama with two others. Needless to say, there are woodchucks everywhere! They are under the sheds, under both porches and even in among the lilac hedge. I think there is even one near the mailbox! Lynnie is fascinated, but they are too quick to get much more than a glimpse.
This male cardinal perches on the spruce tree that I can see from my sewing room window. And he sings his heart out. Occasionally the female joins him.

There you have it, folks--the weekly menagerie report!

I am going to try really hard to post every day from now to at least the end of July. So fasten your seat belts and hang on tight!



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