Thursday, July 22, 2010

What a Ride...Literally!

Here's a hint... And, no, surprisingly, my arm is not long enough to have taken that shot! Or this one--you can see both my hands!

This is Hallie, a 20 year old Morgan mare. She hadn't been ridden in about 8 years, so today was our maiden voyage. I considered it a success--I stayed on, mostly at a walk with a bit of trotting, and she didn't buck me off or do anything too frisky! You will notice that I am properly attired in breeches, boots and hard hat. These pictures are actually after we had been in the ring, and, no, there are no pictures of me riding. Perhaps next time!

Hallie is about 17 hand high, or about 68 inches at the top of the withers. I am learning to ride saddle seat and the saddle sits back further than most English saddles to allow higher action of the front legs/shoulders. This is the saddle that I polished and photographed for an earlier post.

So that was today's adventure! And then I came home and did the ironing ;-)

How was your day?



  1. What a beautiful horse. Thank you for sharing the pictures. have a great weekend.

  2. My day was NOT as fun as yours! How brave of you - to ride a horse who has not had a rider in a very long time. Glad you had your helmet on.

    I ironed yesterday, too....


  3. Hey Sharon - check out to see some not-quite-finished photos from your hexagon class in Ithaca! (the QuiltingProfessor's identity is a secret, but you will know who I am - since by now all your fabric is 'best pressed' !


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