Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day Eighteen

Thanks to all of you who are posting comments! Time is running out to be eligible for the two prizes! And that is by midnight Eastern Standard Time. Today, July 18!
Just a few photos tonight. This rabbit looks so innocent and cute--right up til he eats my plants! But I think the grass has been so lush this year that it hasn't been such a problem.

Two pics of the same male cardinal and then one of the female. They are a pair--I have another photo of them together but it isn't as clear.

I have three blocks done on my applique sampler. Another is almost cut out and I may have that done tonight--or not. This getting up earlier in the morning makes for a short night--so unlike my usual night owl habits. Not sure why the disturbance to my natural rhythms, but I am trying to work earlier in the day so I can get as much done as before. Okay, that's my story...and I'm sticking with it!
See you on the flip side with the winners!


  1. Hey Sharon - I finally checked your blog and just in time! I love all of the photos... it is a really great site. I finished the top of my quilt. If I can figure out how, I'll send a photo :-). Thanks for taking the day to help us get the blocks set. You are a great teacher and I always learn something new when I am at your classes. Thanks again and I'll check back soon.

  2. Thank you so much for the photos of the cardinals. In my family, we always think of Gram when we see them... She passed on but always loved her cardinals.

  3. Hi Sharon--love the photo's--I often have a cardinal or two in the tree outside my window, but now that there are sooo many leaves, I can't see them as clearly--and I love bunny rabbits--whether wild or tame!! Went to Sue's today and paid for Thursday's class--so hopefully I will get to see you and learn some more and laugh alot!!!!!! Hugs, just, Di

  4. Grizzly Sheila on da montainJuly 20, 2009 at 6:34 AM

    Super photos! Up on yonder montain I don't see many Cardinals, but we have an abundance of Blue Birds, Barn Swallows and Goldfinches. We even hatched a nest of Blue Birds and a nest of Swallows this year. We also have a doe with twin fawns and a boat load of rabbits. Pretty neat! Gotta love the country =)))


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