Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day Eleven

A quick post tonight before another thunderstorm rumbles through. I've spent part of the day working on a new applique block of the month. Have the background blocks cut and have a big stack of batiks to play with for the flowers. Even with all the batiks I have, I think I need a different green to do the stems and leaves with. But I still have to do overlays and I am working on several other things as well.

To be honest, I have spent a good portion of the day reading the new Evanovich book--OMG! It is sooooo good! I have burst out laughing several times and Lynnie thought I had flipped my lid!

The Mighty Queens of Freeville by Amy Dickinson is what I am listening to and I can't wait to read that in paper as well. Freeville is a small town near where I live and it is so exciting to know people from the book and the locations she talks about. I rarely read anything I have listened to but I want to savor all the descriptions and what she is saying. If you haven't read that, give it a try as well.

Okay, the thunder is getting closer, so I will close for tonight. Pictures again tomorrow.


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