Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day Twenty-One

Happy Tuesday! It's been a great day here at the Stroud household. Did some applique (I'm two leaves away from having block five done), spent time with my mom, got to see a horse being trained for a driving competition, went to the library and am now blogging. Ordinary stuff, but really, really good. Hope your day was as satisfying.

Jean H. of Cortland made me this beautiful Temari ball. The colors are much more vibrant than the pictures shows--rich pinks and greens against black, with gold accents. I have it on top of my roll-top desk where I see it every day. Thanks again, Jean--I will treasure it always.

Yesterday I showed you two pictures of my Joseph's Coat rose--both pictures were of the same blossom. Here is the same rose today--see the difference in the color? It's just amazing to watch. I have over 30 more blossoms on this rose--it will be so exciting to see it in full bloom.

As a concerned US citizen, I am going to provide you with phone numbers to vote NO to both health care and the Cap and Trade bills. If you haven't heard, health care will only be provided to healthy people. There will be profiling and if you have a pre-existing condition, you will not have health care and you will not be able to continue with private insurance. As for Cap & Trade, our utility bills will double or triple. If you drive an older car, lots of luck trying to sell it, and you will have to pay more taxes if it is not getting X miles per gallon. If you are going to vote yes, please do not use these numbers--I have so decreed that you must vote NO!

202-456-1111 Direct for comments
202-456-1414 White House

It's a short post for tonight. I really want to get that fifth block done. I will post pics when it is a bit further along. I am very pleased so far and hate to quit working on it. But I do need to get some other things done for a couple closer deadlines.


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  1. Hi Sharon--I just love roses and I think they are so amazingly beautiful and they add so much to a garden--love the photo's thanks--hugs, just, Di
    Ps yes I am still speaking to you even if I did not win your giveaway!!!


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