Friday, July 17, 2009

Day Seventeen

More pictures from yesterday's Bliss class. First up are Sue R. and Sharon G. It cracks me up to see a "fancy" machine next to a Featherweight! In the picture yesterday with Beth and Judy, you see the same configuration! Both so serious--setting on point takes a bit of thought!

Here is a close-up of Sue's quilt. She used orientals with a purple background. Stunning!

And here is Kathy with her quilt laid out. She played brights against a black background and has a cat print on black border.

Great job, ladies! It is such a privilege to have such talented students! You all do me proud!
I thought I would post a bit earlier today--see if ya'll are paying attention!
Til tomorrow,
P.S. Diane, yes, there are yellow hollyhocks. I used to have some, and I just saw yellow ones in someone's yard this morning.


  1. Hi Sharon--you are driving me crazy--I love the bliss classes, but I also want to do the applique classes in the fall????? what lovely pictures and such pretty quilts---have a good weekend--hugs, just, Di


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