Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day Fourteen

Eight women learned how to handle inside and outside points and curves today. Everyone did really well while honing their skills in needleturn applique. This is real needleturn applique, not that finger-press-me-under-stitch-me-down stuff some call needleturn. (I told you right up front that I am opinionated!)

Bought my spool of green thread, plus 10 fat quarters of batiks--like I need more fabric (insert eye roll here). But I did need more of my green for stems and leaves and I found an exact match--what are the odds of that? So I have half of my green stuff done on block one and will probably finish that tomorrow.

A few flower pictures for your nightly amusement. There is so much beauty all around us.

I just love that shade of pink. It's off to dreamland for me.
P.S. I am nearing my 100th blog--that means a contest is in order and I have a special surprise to that end. Stay tuned. And remember you have to play to be eligible to win--I'm warning you ahead.
P.P.S. Dick, I've tried about four times over the past few days to add a comment to your blog--it refuses to accept it. Not sure why, but always the same error message. Anyways--great pictures! I'm enjoying your blog very much!


  1. Sharon,

    I LOVE reading your daily posts. It's like talking to a friend every day! Thank you so much and I love all the pictures. Excited about the contest...

    Doing any knitting lately?


  2. Annoying stalker......July 15, 2009 at 4:17 PM

    CONTEST????? Whooooooo....she said CONTEST.... I wanna win, ME ME ME ME...... I have never won anything... well, ok, a speeding ticket once, but I didn't get a prize. In fact, I paid enough for a prize, but ended up with nada.

    BTW, I LOVED the ladder idea for the Trumpet vine! How neat and what a great use of previously used item.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Sharon--Have you enjoyed the sunshine the last 4 days--cause I read we are in for more rain the next two days!!! Oh, well, hopefully that means more quilt time for all of us--when you going to give us a peak at what you are doing??? I love the hollyhock pictures--we have alot of different colored ones here and twice now I have posted pictures of the all the colors on my post--have you ever seen a yellow one??? Hug, just, Di

    Pss to Richard--I too cannot leave a comment--something is broken??????

  4. Being one of those 8 ladies learning to needleturn applique, I just want to say thank you so much for being the wonderful teacher you are. To me a great teacher loves what she does, is good at what she does, and cares about her students. You do all three and more. I can only hope you know how much enjoyment you've given me in the hand arts. Thanks again!!! sylvia... who finished her "all curves" and is working on the "all points"!


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