Friday, July 3, 2009

Day Three

A couple weeks ago there was another auction near my home town. We are always excited to have auctions--it's good to do something different once in a while! So off we went full of high hopes.

Here's my auction philosophy--I look everything over and then decide what I really want--usually not an excessive number of things. Then I wave my hands over the item(s) and say "This is mine". Then it is just a matter of waiting.

Usually, anything I want comes up at the end of the auction. So, having declared "This is mine" over one box of glassware, I set about knitting on my wool sock. I figured I had lots of time to complete several rows and started in. Well.....don't you know that they brought up the box in question as the third item of the auction!!! I couldn't even finish my row or I would lose out! I have a very firm bidding strategy. I set the dollar amount I will not exceed. Then I just put my card up (the auctioneer knows I don't bid without my card) and leave it there until my dollar maximum is reached or until I win, whichever comes first! There is absolutely no sense in waving the card up and down unless I am having a hot flash!

So here is what I came home with after the last auction: Beautiful pink glass and leaded crystal. The crystal was made in Germany. The pink basket has a sticker saying it was handmade and lists the maker. The little sleeping cat was too cute! And I got the whole lot for the astronomical sum of $10! Then I finished my row of knitting!

I also managed to get a small plant stand for $3 and you will see that in a little home dec segment tomorrow.
If you are looking for a great salad recipe, head on over to and see her broccoli salad recipe. I also read the comments and ended up with a very different salad mix but used the same dressing. Mine included broccoli, mushrooms, bacon bits, shredded cheddar cheese, and halved red grapes. Yum, yum! It was the hit of our family get-together today. And so quick to fix and two hours to let it soak up the best dressing ever! Thanks, Thimbleanna and your loyal followers, for the great suggestion!
I posted a bit earlier tonight so that everyone could go to the fireworks or go nite-nite without thinking they had missed me! Or that I had fallen off the blog wagon after only two posts! See you tomorrow! Same bat station, but who knows what bat time?


  1. Anoy..Annoy..yeah her!July 4, 2009 at 7:07 AM

    HAPPY 4th everyone!! Oh Sharon, I love your finds. My favorite is the pink kitty, must be a catperson thing. I have never been to an auction, other than livestock and that probably speaks volumes about me..LOL.

    HUGS and have a GREAT 4th!

  2. OH Sharon--how I have missed your humor--you always make me smile--thanks for returning to blog land!! I love all 3 of your treasures--I never seem to get to auctions--they are alot of fun thought when one can get there!!! See ya, Happy 4th--hugs, just ,Di

  3. Hi Sharon-
    This is Diane from Quilt guild. You have some lovely finds from auctions. I wish I could do that well!


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