Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day Two

Okay, worry warts--you can relax. I know you thought I was only going to get one or two days in and bail. But remember that it's not officially another day until midnight! It's good to keep you guessing about when I might actually post!

I took a photo of some quilting I have been working on. The lettering is from Anita Shackelford's "A Quilter's Alphabet" book and you can find that here ( It is wonderful Olde English lettering that I have done on several quilts. The lettering is padded and quilted in a 12 wt. Sulky Variegated thread. Did you know that as hand quilters we can actually cut out sections of thread that we don't like? I did it on this one--there was a weird shade of brown in with all the glorious pinks. I actually had quilted one of the letters and then discovered it. I am not afraid to rip out quilting. Also, take a look at the background quilting--it is a feather-like design that I think goes really well as a background filler. I cannot show you the entire quilt yet, because it is a gift. Suffice it to say that the background quilting is a complement to the border fabric. I will post the full picture when the quilt has gone to its new home.
Yesterday's post hinted at the block the ladies were making. Here it is--Coronation in an 8-inch finished size. Lots of pieces, lots of points--LOTS of grumbling! But most agreed it looked like a lot of work--and it was--but well worth it in the end. (Yes, there were hold-outs who just didn't like the size of the pieces, but there were also a few ladies who said the second one was easier and they liked that one better!)

Tomorrow it will be more auction tales. Oh, I saw a buzzard up close and fairly personal today--it was by the road and flew to a post as I drove by. At first I thought it was a hawk--until I got a gander at that red, wrinkly head.
See, I made it--with minutes to spare. Nite, nite!


  1. Hi Sharon--I told that "Richard" you would come through!!!! What a pretty quilt--I would love to think it was for me--but I know we are not that "close"--so whoever will get it I sure hope they appreciate all your lovely hand work!! And I know what you mean about cutting out colors, or lengths off of multi colored floss and thread--I have done that, too. Have a safe 4th--see ya tomorrow, hugs, Diane

  2. Annoying....not just for breakfastJuly 3, 2009 at 8:26 PM

    Wow, I love the alphabet. Lots of really nice things on Anita's website. Is it too early to make a Christmas list???? OF COURSE, a really superstupenousnifityoso hand quilting class would be really really awesome... AHEM...cough poke poke.. Subtle?? Me... never grin.


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