Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day Twenty-Two

In an unprecidented move today, I took a major tumble from the ramp on my garden shed and hurt myself--please remember that style and grace are my middle names ;-) I thought that I might have broken my right hand/wrist, so I did go to the ER. The good news: No broken bones. The bad news: Major sprain with contusions from my finger tips to my elbow. I have an ace bandage and a splint to stabilize the hand. So I am typing this post with my left hand and one finger on my right. Definitely not very ergonomic. I guess handwork is not an option for a few days at least. I also have scraped knees and a puncture wound to my right leg just next to the bone half way between the knee and ankle. Definitely not one of my better moments!

My trumpet vine is in full blossom, so I am including pictures here.

Remember the bird at the top of the birdhouse? You can hardly see it now!
I'm going to go ice my hand and peroxide my scrapes and puncture wound. Yes, that's probably me screaming in a few minutes if you hear a loud noise!
P.S. Sheila: Yes, Sunday is the mini star sampler and we are still doing blocks. And Hobbs Thermore is probably still your best bet at the moment.


  1. And I hope a tetanus shot. I love that plant. I also have a ladder but this year the rabbits have not allowed the morning glories to climb it. So now we are all so much more grateful to be able to read your blogs. Was that the plan?

  2. I guess we're all going to have to keep a better eye on you. GRIN. Unsupervised, and you're hurting yourself. I'm glad to know that you didn't break any bones, but it sure sound like you did more than sufficient damage. The outdoors is dangerous! It's definitely safer to stay inside. Take care and be careful! Big Hugs, Jay

  3. YIKES Sharon!! I hope you are feeling better today and are on the mend. May I recommend lots of ice (save some for your beverage of choice), lots of chocolate, and a great book in your favorite easy chair.
    Thanks so much for the help =))) and see you sunday.


  4. Dear Sharon,

    I'm so sorry to hear this news. I hope you are not in a lot of constant pain. Maybe this is a good time for your summer "vacation" - just sit outside with a beverage and some chocolates and read or nap, as Sheila suggested. Thank goodness your wrist isn't broken. Please take care of yourself and follow doctors orders.


  5. Take good care of yourself, Sharon. I hope you're not in pain.


  6. Hi Sharon--I really missed not doing our Class here in the Glen today--but "s---" happens I guess--but I just wished it didn't happen to you--I think your friends are right--get a beverage of your choice--probably a bottle of wine wouldn't hurt about now-- cat in your lap, dog at your feet, and a good book---Enjoy---Hugs, just, Di


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