Monday, July 20, 2009

Day Twenty

Apparently winners get up early! I have already heard from WLDFLR and Sheila! This was fun!

The first two pictures today are of my new climbing rose--Joseph's Coat. All the blossoms are slightly different in color and also change as they age. This is my very first blossom, so I will post other pics as the roses unfurl. Delicious scent as well. (Scratch picture lightly and then hold your nose close to your screen. Smell it?)

I'm not sure if I should even guess how many of you did that! But I just couldn't resist. See what happens when I post early in the day?
Here is one bed of hollyhocks complete with birdhouse and birdbath. This is a fresh-from-the-camera pictures taken this morning! Can it be that I am becoming a morning person? I really don't think so!

Today I am off to Watkins Glen to teach two classes of Care and Feeding of Your Featherweight. The machines leave working great and looking like a million bucks. I just love my machine(s)!
Have a spectacular Monday and I'll see you again tomorrow. Same bat channel, but the time is anybody's guess!
P.S. Check out Richard Shackelford's most recent post--great pics of three generations of winners at the quilt show! Posted by the proud husband/father/grandpa--can't beat that!

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  1. Thanks Sharon. I'm not use to you posting so early. It's like my day is over now. What to do? I'm trying roses this year but the rabbits like them a lot. I have to fence almost everything. Have a great day. You might have time to post again tonight.


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