Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day Sixteen

What a wonderful day! Five students joined me for a setting class for Monthly Bliss 2. Monthly Bliss 2 is the second installation in my hand piecing series. Students made 18 seven-inch finished blocks over a 10 month period. We met today to set the blocks together. I am not a purist--I use the sewing machine to set my blocks. Students have the option to do hand or machine. These are five of the nicest ladies you would ever want to meet. Because I actually remembered to take pictures and lots of them, I am splitting them over two posts.

First up is Beth B. from Auburn, New York. This is her finished Monthly Bliss 1 quilt top. She is planning to hand quilt it and is justifiably proud of her work!

Here is a picture of Beth and Judy E.; they are friends who enjoy doing almost everything together!

Judy actually made two of these quilt tops at the same time! Here is her first one; the second one is made with Christmas fabrics. Beth and Judy ended up buying the same Christmas fabrics for Monthly Bliss 2. Surprisingly, the blocks are very different and the quilts don't look much alike! They did not compare their fabric choices when laying out their blocks, so it was wonderful to see how different each block looked. Judy's choice of a stripe for the setting triangles was especially effective. Another great job!

Sorry, Judy, but I couldn't resist! This picture is just priceless! Thanks for being such a good sport!

Tomorrow I'll share more pictures--stay tuned! Don't forget to leave a comment on the Day Fifteen post or you won't be eligible to win!

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  1. Sheila-I LOVE BLISS!!July 17, 2009 at 7:08 AM

    WOW...I just LOVE those Bliss projects! LOVELY job ladies!!

    How many more days until fall Bliss???? How many Bliss projects???


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